Hand, Wrist, & Elbow Disorders Treated By Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, Pasadena, CA
Hand, Wrist, & Elbow Disorders Treated By Orthopedic Hand Surgeon, Pasadena, CA

Orthopedic Doctors and Surgeons Provide Care For Injuries, Glendale, CA

Many orthopedic clinics become incredibly compartmentalized, employing orthopedic specialists in only one or two areas and focusing only on certain conditions. At Pasadena Orthopedics, we see the value in having a team of orthopedists who can consult with and support one another professionally while practicing medicine across a broad range of orthopedic services.

Whether you've suffered an injury while playing sports or have joint pain or stiffness for an unknown reason, our entire team of board-certified physicians is here to provide you with outstanding, personalized medical care to reduce pain and improve function throughout your body.

Services Available at Pasadena Orthopedics

Orthopedic doctors and surgeons focus on the musculoskeletal system, or treatment of bone, joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament disorders. At Pasadena Orthopedics, we offer services in the following areas:
  • Sports Injuries and Sports Injury Prevention. Our sports medicine specialist can help you recover from an athletic injury and help you become less injury prone with proper preventive care.
  • Fracture Care. We offer both surgical and non-surgical interventions for broken bones.
  • Arthritis Care. Arthritis can't necessarily be prevented, but it can be treated; if properly treated early enough, you can extend the life of your cartilage and stay pain-free for longer.
  • Hip Pain and Hip Replacements. Hips are one of the more common joints to be worn out enough to require total joint replacement surgery. Our orthopedic surgeons are experienced in practicing anterior hip replacement surgery, reducing postoperative pain and recovery time.
  • Knee Pain and Knee Replacements. As a joint that bears much of the brunt of your movement, whether you're walking, running, or jumping, knees are also subject to injury and a need for joint replacement.
  • Hip and Knee Arthroscopy and Surgery for Injury Repair. Not every injury requires a complete joint replacement. There are many surgical options for severe hip and knee injuries that can help.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries and Workplace Injuries. When you do the same motions over and over, as you might with certain careers, you can cause joint, tendon, and ligament injuries. Proper treatment and injury prevention can make your job much more pleasant, and other repetitive use treatment can get you back to your favorite activities quickly.
  • Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Pain. Your hands are such an important part of your life, and they're also remarkably complex and delicate. Our hand specialist is well-versed in treating many kinds of hand conditions in order to maximize function and minimize pain.
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is one common condition that a hand or wrist doctor would treat. It is also one kind of repetitive stress disorder.
  • Shoulder Pain and Injuries. Whether used in sports or recreation or just daily activity, shoulder joints have several moving parts that need to work together in order to keep you pain free and with normal function. Orthopedic care can help with that.
  • Complete Podiatric Care for Feet and Ankles. Like hands, feet and ankles contain many small bones, all of which have to fit together to keep your foundational limbs working as they should. Some orthopedic clinics don't recognize podiatry as an orthopedic service, but Pasadena Orthopedics sees it as essential. That's why we employ a full-time podiatrist.

If you live in or around Glendale, California, and have noticed that your joints are not working as they should,
Pasadena Orthopedics is here to help you diagnose a cause for your bone or joint pain and help you find the least-invasive, successful solutions. Call 626-517-0022 or contact us  today to make an appointment.
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